Electrical Test & Tag Compliance Services

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Testing your electrical appliances for faults and damages makes sense – as it gives you the peace of mind that your workforce are using equipment that are safe from the dangers of electrical faults.

Electrical Appliance Testing & Tagging Process

The integrity of electrical appliance assets is determined by subjecting each asset to testing as required by the standard. Using the latest equipment (Portable Appliance Tester), ETS carries out the following testing procedures, including:

  • Physical inspection

  • Insulation Tests

  • Earth circuit Test

  • Continuity Test

  • Functionality Test

  • Run / Leakage Test

  • Polarity wire Test

  • Visual Inspections Include As per (AS 3760)

  • Check for obvious external damage

  • Check defects-accessories, plugs or socket outlets

  • Check defects on connectors

  • Check supply cords

  • No exposed inner cords, external sheath not cut abraded or damaged

  • Check cords are not tangled or exposed for tripping

  • All flexible cords are securely anchored; andPower boards:
    Indicator for ‘maximum load’ is visible and legible.

ETS Bar Coded Electrical Tracking System

All electrical assets are tested and tagged with an identifiable bar code for continual identification purposes.

All data collected, including location and test results is integrated into our centrally administered database and ETS can present all data in both electronic and print format.

Ownership of all data collected (legal responsibility) will be that of our clients.

Asset Register Certificates

The ETS Asset register and Test Certificates will include the following information:

  • Appliance bar code identity

  • Description / serial number (if required)

  • Location: (including specific vehicle and driver details where relevant)

  • Inspection Test Date

  • Next Inspection Test Date

  • Results of Inspection / Test

  • Repairs made

  • Comments

Where State Risk Assessments and regulations are not in place, Table 4 of AS3760:2012 should be used as a guideline.

In NSW the recently released WorkCover Checklist can be used as an alternative to AS3760.

Table 4: Testing and inspection intervals for electrical equipment

Caution: This must be read in conjunction with AS/NZS 3760 as a whole, and particularly Clause 2.1)

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