Lighting Maintenance

ETS Electricians, Fire Services Personal and Qualified Technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect and test electrical and fire assets in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and specific State/Territory legislative requirements. Every item tested will be transferred to form a complete Asset Register for your future reference with proof of test and inspection results provided.  providing  “peace of mind”

Spot relamping is the process of replacing all burnt out tubes and lamps within the one scheduled visit.

Bulk relamping involves replacing every fluorescent tube, globe, mercury vapour or metal halide light within a premises every couple of years. The replacement would normally occur at 70% – 80% of the anticipated lifespan which also tends to be when approximately 15% have already burnt out. This process helps to reduce labour on spot relamping, reduce workplace disruption and manage disposal, it also allows the potential integration of new and more energy efficient lighting methods.

ETS are experienced in managing the entire relamping process, which includes auditing of sites specific requirements, ordering lamps and parts, replacing the failed fittings/replacing all fittings and environmentally-friendly disposal of old and broken parts.

ETS have seen the benefit of completing this task at the same time as the regular testing regime, as it allows the Service Team to use their time efficiently on site and the savings are passed on to our clients. Additionally, where a site requires lift equipment, such as an Elevated Work Platform, ETS can arrange this and complete other repairs (eg. Emergency & Exit Light Replacements) at the same time.

Providing professional, consistent and confidential workplace safety service by offering long term surety of reliability, quality and price in Australia and New Zealand since 2002.

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