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ETS is a fire protection company providing inspection, monitoring, and maintenance of fire safety systems. With over 19 years of experience, we provide the highest quality service to preserve your assets, such as your properties and people. Our commitment shows through our unrivalled knowledge and skills, dedicated team of experts, and superb customer support.

With ETS, you can trust our certified professionals to install and maintain fire extinguishers, fire doors, emergency and exit lighting systems, and more. In addition, ETS will ensure that you comply with local and national fire regulations and codes.

We have the related technology, equipment, compliance, and people trained to keep you and your workers safe from fire hazards.

1. Fire Protection Systems and Alarms

ETS is licensed to keep your fire protection systems and alarms compliant with national and local regulations. We integrate our fire protection expertise to inspect, design, install, test, and maintain all your fire protection, detection, and safety systems and equipment. Our fire protection and detection technologies consist of:

At ETS, our Competent employees use only the latest equipment (Portable Appliance Tester) to test and tag the integrity of your electrical appliances.

Smoke Detectors

Flame Detectors

Thermal/Heat Detectors

Video Detectors

Photoelectric Detectors

Aspirating Systems


2. Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be easily accessible and fully functional for abrupt use. To adequately address the fire and minimize damage, it is crucial to have the proper size, quantity and agent.

The ETS team will conduct a fire safety risk assessment on your site. We will correctly address the most suitable fire extinguishers and quantity for your workplace as compliant with the Australian Standards.

3. Emergency and Exit Lightings

Emergency and exit lights and signs are essential safety devices for your business, designed to save lives and help occupants safely in case of an emergency.

The ETS team will conduct a fire safety risk assessment on your site. Then, we will recommend the most suitable placements for your exit and emergency lightings. We will also develop and implement your building evacuation plan, which your employees can use to get to safety.

4. Fire Blankets

A fire blanket is a sheet made from fire-retardant materials. They are used to lay over a small fire to overpower and extinguish the flames.

At ETS, we offer a wide range of top-quality slim fire blankets to fit your needs. In addition, we work together with our customers in keeping everyone safe by having the right fire safety products for the right environment.

5. Hose Reels

Installation of fire fighting systems in a building is just as essential to protect people and properties. A hose reel provides a convenient point to obtain water for fire fighting.

At ETS, we conduct repair and maintenance to your existing hose reels and other fire fighting systems to ensure they function correctly during a fire. We also offer a range of high-quality hose reels, depending on your needs. With ETS, we provide optimal protection of your assets and people.

6. Fire Door Inspections

All fire doors should be inspected annually to improve the reliability of evacuation and overall safety and protection of assets and occupants.

At ETS, we can conduct your annual fire door inspection and provide certification to prove your fire doors are code compliant. With our fire door inspection, you’ll benefit and have peace of mind knowing that they have been thoroughly inspected, tested, and certified.

7. Annual Fire Safety Statements

Every year you need to submit and comply with all your fire compliance requirements.

One of the needed requirements is the Annual Fire Safety Statements. These should be submitted each year to confirm that a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP) has inspected each fire safety measure listed in the Fire Safety Schedule. The CFSP will also certify that they are properly installed and are operating according to required performance standards.

As a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner, ETS is committed to fire safety and protection. We assure you of high quality fire safety work, from inspection, assessment, to certification of all your fire system and equipment. For your fire compliance, we will make a comprehensive report which we will submit to you and to the council.

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FPAS Recognised Business Provider

Ensuring that your organization is prepared with fire safety and protection is a top priority for building owners and managers. These measures should be endorsed by a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP).

Any fire safety practitioners engaged in fire protection services, design work or preparation of the annual fire safety statements should be recognized as Competent Fire Safety Professionals (CFSP). FPA Australia, under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS), provides training and accreditation that meets the New South Wales Government Requirements.

With ETS, you can rest assured that we are a Fire Systems Design Accredited and Fire Safety Assessment Accredited company. You can be confident that our competent professionals are highly qualified, experienced, and with the most advanced training to deliver the highest fire protection standards. Also, you can be assured that your people and workplace are safe and in compliance with the local and national fire codes and regulations.

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