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With 20 years of professional experience, Electrical Testing Services is proud to serve the entire of Australia with quality electrical services for residential and commercial customers.

Whether you need the installation of a new electrical system, have any minor repairs, maintenance, retrofits, or any other electrical issue, we are well-equipped to help you. Our fully licensed, insured, and experienced electricians can deliver electrical services following all Australian government standards and legislations.

1. Test and Tag Appliances

Testing your electrical appliances for faults and damages ensures the safety of the people in the workplace who come into contact with the appliance. Under the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010, a deemed ‘Competent Person’ can test and tag in the country to check the safety of portable electrical appliances.

At ETS, our Competent employees use only the latest equipment (Portable Appliance Tester) to test and tag the integrity of your electrical appliances.

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2. Infrared Thermal Imaging and Scanning

With our Infrared Thermography, we can easily detect severe faults before they develop. Our survey of your electrical installation will reveal any hot spots preceding equipment failure.

At ETS, our Thermographers are qualified under AS3998 and use only the latest Infrared thermal imaging technology to deliver the best thermal scanning service.

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3. Exit and Emergency Lighting

Essential safety devices such as Exit and Emergency Lighting are helpful during emergencies to save lives and help occupants exit the building safely.

The ETS team will conduct a fire safety risk assessment on your site and recommend the most suitable placements for your exit and emergency lightings. Also, we can develop and implement your building evacuation plan, which your employees can use to get to safety.

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4. Residual Current Device (RCD) Testing/Electrical Safety Switches

Under the new Australian Standard AS/NZ 3000:2018, also known as the Wiring Rules, sets out requirements for the design, construction and verification of electrical installations in all types of premises and land.

At ETS, our team of electricians can do electrical installations with reasonable care to ensure compliance to the standard and ensure the protection from fire and physical injury hazards.

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5. Lighting Services

A property’s lighting generally improves well-being and mood, as it creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, it can also influence health, enthusiasm and performance.

At ETS, our team of trained and certified technicians will provide you with commercial lighting services options that will lift the mood and performance of your workers. And also increase the overall aesthetics, safety and appeal of your property while keeping your business bright. Our services include:

Repairs to sign lighting

Repairs to emergency lighting systems

Fixture cleaning, repair, replacement/relamping

Bulk Relamping

Upgrade to LED lighting

Used lamps and broken parts recycling

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6. Earthing Systems

Our dedicated ETS team can test earthing systems installations in compliance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 3000.

7. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Battery Maintenance

Regular inspections of your Uninterruptible Power Supply are vital to ensuring your power backup system works when you need it most.

Our team can perform regular inspections and maintenance of your UPS system according to clearly defined protocols to ensure it’s well maintained and at peak performance. We can also inspect the batteries closely to assess battery health and replace them on-site when needed.

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8. Energy Efficiency Upgrades – LED Lighting Upgrades and Building Optimisation

As a building or homeowner, you should always be looking for ways to improve your facility. Our energy efficiency upgrades can help increase the value of your building and save you money on your monthly energy bills.

At ETS, our dedicated team works closely with clients to start an energy assessment at your facility. We look into your current energy usage, building profile and operations to propose efficient and cost-effective energy upgrades. Such as:

LED lighting upgrades

Solar PV systems

HVAC equipment and controls optimisation

Power Factor Correction

9. Power Factor Connection (PFC)

Power Factor is a measure of how effectively you are utilising your electricity. Ensuring that it is well-maintained improves the way you use your electricity supply, leading to reduced electricity bills and power system losses.

Our team can perform regular inspections and maintenance of your PFC system to ensure it’s well maintained and operating at peak performance. Our team checks the following:

Voltage levels

Electricity load reduction

Detailed equipment condition

Full functional operation

Harmonic content

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10. Switchboard and Metering Alterations

Switchboards are used to deliver electricity in a commercial or industrial facility safely. When a switchboard is faulty, it can pose a safety hazard, cause fires, electrocutions, and serious injuries.Our ETS team can safely identify switchboard faults, malfunctions, temperature changes, and abnormal activities. We are experienced and skilled in, altering, upgrading, and installing commercial switchboard solutions up to current safety standards.

11. Biomedical Equipment Testing, including Performance Verification

ETS can perform Electrical Safety Testing and Performance Verification on your Biomedical equipment to AS3551 helping ensure that the risks arising from electrical hazards are maintained at acceptable levels during the useful life of the equipment. As part of this service we also perform a “Performance Verification”. Throughout the lifetime of medical equipment in clinical use, there is a need for regular assessment and testing of the medical equipment to ensure it is safe and continues to be safe, whilst providing accurate readings. Performance verification generally involves both physical inspection and functional testing in accordance with manufacturer guidelines (including device inputs, outputs, alarms and safety or protective functions) Detailed reports are provided for each piece of Biomedical equipment.

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12. Patient Area / Body Protected Area Testing AS3003

ETS has specialised M-Class licensed electrical inspectors and a specialist electrical team to provide the following services to the following environments: hospitals, aged care, health care, medical and dental facilities.

Consulting service on the design of patient areas

Facility audit to ensure patient area requirements are met

Commissioning of new and upgraded body-protected or cardiac-protected areas

Testing of the RCD’s within a body protected Area, with the provision of a detailed audit report

13. Microwave Testing

Leakage from a microwave oven can occur if the door is not properly sealed, or if the oven is damaged. Microwave radiation can also leak through cracks and openings in the oven.

If you're concerned about microwave radiation leaking from your microwave oven, our professional electricians can test your microwave for leakage. At ETS, we use specialised equipment to test microwaves for leakage on-site.

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