Safety & Compliance

Safety is our number one priority and is the core of everything we do.

Due to the fact that Electrical Testing has undergone a thorough audit and received accreditation from Global Compliance Certification to ensure that our work complies with ISO 45001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 standards, our clients can always have faith that Electrical Testing Australia uphold all aspects of Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management.

Electrical Testing achieve this by adhering to GCC's quality needs, consistently providing safe work practises, being environmentally responsible, and continuously upgrading our policies and procedures to assure compliance, we are able to sustain our commitment to assuring customer comfort.

Why Choose Safety With ETS

Safe work practices

Environmentally responsible

Continuous improvement

Reduction of risks and hazards

Quality control

Customer comfort

Top-tier training

Emergency ready

Australian ISO Compliance Systems

Feel secure knowing that you're working with a company that will meet and exceed your expectations for providing first-rate service because we are Triple Certified with our compliance. 

Management System

This high standard endorsement shows that we are committed to making sure our customers are happy by meeting their quality requirements, always using safe work practises, taking care of the environment, and improving our policies and procedures to make sure we make the best use of resources and the least amount of waste. Electrical Testing is audited by GCC every year to make sure we meet the strict requirements of this law. This includes training for our staff on the integrated management system and how well it works, being ready for emergencies, and reporting incidents.

Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Our systems and the dedication of our team make sure that all staff and management know what their responsibilities are, such as looking for ways to remove or reduce hazards and reporting problems before they cause an accident. We work with partners and clients who take safety and legal requirements as seriously as we do, so that we can keep doing what is considered to be good business practise.

Management System

We are committed to minimising the effects of any environmental risks that come from what we do, and we have certified systems in place to make sure everyone is safe. Electrical Testing Australia promise to review all operations on a regular basis to make sure we are following best practises in the industry. When necessary, we will also put in place site-specific CEMP (Construction Environmental Management Plans) to protect the environment and avoid having any effect on the environments around them.

Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand

JAS-ANZ helps markets work better by providing internationally recognised accreditation services that create economic benefit. Accreditation has many flow-on benefits throughout the market chain for business, regulators and government by: reducing compliance and transaction costs, reducing risk, streamlining operations, breaking down barriers to trade, which provides greater access to foreign markets; and providing assurance that goods and services sold are safe and can be used for their intended purpose.

Setting the Benchmark in Safety

Thanks to our tested and proven procedures, we are able to deliver certainty in our results. We are dedicated to exceeding industry standards, which ensures we always comply with the most current national safety and environmental protocols.

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