Reactive Electrical Service and Maintenance

Professional Emergency Electricians

There are a number of different things that can go wrong with electrical systems. These problems can range from small, easily fixed issues to major problems that can cause a complete power outage.

Some of the most common problems that occur with electrical systems include:

Circuit breakers that trip frequently

Fuses that blow frequently

Lights that flicker or dim intermittently

Outlets that do not work

Switches that do not work

These are just some of the most common problems that can occur. There are many other less common problems that can also occur which usually need immediate attention.

ETS offer an immediate response to your urgent electrical problems. We understand the operational impact that electrical breakdowns can have on your business, that’s why we have a rapid response team to solve your electrical problems, and get you back online as soon as possible.

Our experienced and strategically located teams offer prompt service and priority calls outs in emergency situations.

Call 1300 30 49 59 for more information on our reactive electrical service availability in your area

Qualified Electricians

ETS Electricians, Fire Services Personal and Qualified Technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect and test electrical and fire assets in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and specific State/Territory legislative requirements. Every item tested will be transferred to form a complete Asset Register for your future reference with proof of test and inspection results provided.  providing  “peace of mind”

In the event that we can not repair the item on the spot, our electricians will determine an appropriate course of action, after discussing the problem and requirements with the site manager and return at a convenient time.

Each Service Team vehicle is fitted with a range of parts to enable a quick turnaround and minimal disruption to your business.

ETS use quality, recognised brands that help to ensure longevity and are sure to be effective for your business, including: LED Exit and Emergency lights that come with a 50,000hr / 3 year warranty and energy efficient lighting systems.

We are effectively a one stop shop, and with our buying power, given we service over 10,000 sites nationally, your sure to be impressed with the price

Providing professional, consistent and confidential workplace safety service by offering long term surety of reliability, quality and price in Australia and New Zealand since 2002.

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