Electrical Data / Asset Register Management (eDAS)

Online “Electrical Data Administration System”

Administration and co-ordination of each client’s services is conducted by ETS on an individual basis. Due to the complex and intricate nature of nature of the requirements, the ETS site management system eDAS (Electronic Data Administration System) was created. It offers a fast, accurate and effective co-ordination and tracking tool.

ETS focuses specifically on the logistical roll out and delivery of each client’s contractual requirements. We apply eDAS to all required scheduling functions as nominated in the Scope of Services and to ensure documentation meets individual client requirements and that eDAS provides an effective asset register management system and interactive capability.

Specially trained ETS staff manage the preparation and presentation of each Client’s confidential records and ensure the effective reporting and management of your Asset Register.

ETS can adapt and modify the current computer reporting characteristics of eDAS to deliver “SPECIFIC” reports and analysis if required. The data down load characteristics of the PAT equipment used by ETS provide the raw information to be interpreted, analysed and transferred into the reports.

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