Test & Tag Guidelines

What electrical appliances need to be tested? Here’s a handy guide

Under the current legislation and Australian Standards, as an employer you are required to to test all electrical equipment of the “plug in” type in the workplace and all data is to be documented and maintained.

Test and Tag Compliance

Low Risk Environments (equipment used in a non-hostile environment):

Equipment in low risk environments require visual inspection only.

The following examples provide an overview of the type of equipment that must be regularly inspected and all records must be kept and maintained by employers:

  • computer workstations in an office, telecentre, class room, etc;
  • fixed electrical equipment; and
  • stationary equipment (Mass exceeding 18kg with no carry handles)

High Risk Environments (or Hostile environment):

All electrical appliances and equipment if used in a “hostile environment” should be inspected and tested and all records kept and maintained.

This includes:

  • kettles, toasters, and commercial or hand-held kitchen appliance;
  • electric saws, extension leads, heaters, fans, vacuum cleaners, power boards, power tools
  • and any type of portable equipment.

Please refer to Table 4 of the Australian Standard AS3760 for full compliance requirements.

Table 4: Testing and inspection intervals for electrical equipment

Caution: This must be read in conjunction with AS/NZS 3760 as a whole, and particularly Clause 2.1)

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