Electricity can kill – Here’s how to reduce the risks

“Employers & persons in control are responsible for ensuring electrical equipment in the workplace are safe and regularly inspected, tested and maintained, ensuring a safe workplace for employees and other people who visit”.

ETS perform risk assessments, inspections and testing of your electrical assets in accordance with the various regulatory requirements that exist throughout Australia.

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Why test appliances?

Increased safety for employees and customers are just some of the reasons you should test your appliances

Electricity Danger Visuals Checklist


Checking your electrical equipment and appliances is important. Here’s what to look for when inspecting your equipment.

Test and Tag Compliance

Test & Tag Guidelines

What needs to be checked? Here’s a handy guide to make sure you know your obligations in simple plain English.

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Where State Risk Assessments and regulations are not in place, Table 4 of AS3760 should be used as a guideline.

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Regulatory Compliance

Non compliance can lead to fines, jail terms or both, for directors and key personnel if a third party is injured.

Electrical Danger


While some appliance and equipment fires occur through misuse a more prevalent factor is component fatigue.

Trust is everything when it comes to safety

And that’s why Electrical Testing Services services is the chosen partner for many national firms and small businesses for their electrical safety requirements. Companies you may recognise like Telstra, ANZ Bank, Accor Hotels, (Mining companies), and others you may not recognise like Joes Butcher in Marrackville. NSW. The common theme is our quality service.

With personnel and offices strategically located in all States and Territories of Australia and both islands of New Zealand, you can trust ETS as your electrical services partner for all your test and tag, electrical compliance, and fire safety requirements.

ETS has built a reputation of exceeding client’s expectations, and providing a professional, consistent, and confidential service.

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